Work Anywhere

Designed to allow access from anywhere there is an internet connection. This means work where you are at.


Works with PCs, iOS, Android, Linux and Chromebook to name a few. Clicks`n`Bricks runs inside of a browser.


Using the built in CRM, reports and charts see what is needed in your business to keep those hard earned customers.

Customer Relations Management

Customers can be hard to get and to keep in today's world. We understand this and designed Clicks`n`Bricks to help you retain your customers with purchasing history, automated email and text messages, anniversary and birthday tracking as well as appointment and task tracking.

Inventory Control

Comprehensive inventory control allowing for tracking of item and category sales and volumns. Find out what is selling so that stock ordering achieves having items in stock that are selling.


For those companies that provide services to customers we have Workorder processing. Using this allows the tracking of customer needs such as repairs or enhancements. Tracking of processes is allowed as well a manufacturing of custom orders.

Comprehensive Reporting

Shown is a summary spreadsheet report of sales by category. Reports may be exported to PDF or Spreadsheets. All reports may be customized as needed. Reports are available with detailed information, summary information or as graphic bar and pie charts.

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